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We at PEHRA are dedicated towards building the future of our nation. We do this through our education programs as well as through career guidance.

In the current scenario in India, most of the schools are run by the government and are strapped for resources. Due to this the education provided to underprivileged students is often sub-par. PEHRA aims to remove the inequality in education between privileged and underprivileged societies.

Students are often unaware about the various career options they have and choose to go with whatever they know of. However, this often leads to unemployment if the sector or area of study chosen by the student is already saturated with ready to hire candidates. Also students may not be aware of other interesting career choices that are in demand in the current economy. The choice of a particular field depends on interest, but also on aptitude.

There is often a mismatch between demand and supply for skills as potential candidates (who are currently students) are not aware of the new areas of study and employment.

Through the Career Guideline program, PEHRA provides a seminar to students of standard V to XII, to enable them in making the right career choice. Anyone can attend this seminar and it is free of cost to both – the students at Bal Gyan Kendra as well as others.

It also caters to people who are working or are forced to work due to unfortunate circumstances.

Each seminar conducted by PEHRA consists of counseling sessions, where guidance about careers is provided on the basis of one to one conversations. The discussion helps the counselor in understanding what the pupil or attendee desires to do or be in life, along with his aptitude. Based on this information, he/she provides suitable advice and/or resources on the career options that may interest the student and increase his chances of employ ability.

This program furthers PEHRA’s vision to build futures.