Health Awareness

India is a populous country where a large number of people live without access to basic health facilities. This situation is common in villages and is made more complex due to the poor economic backgrounds of rural folk. People follow old practices on hygiene and medical care which may not help in the present scenarios. As a result they are often malnourished and keep getting sick. Rural areas are vulnerable due to lack of knowledge and information on healthcare.

The villages are the building blocks of our nation and PEHRA invests in them through education and also other means to bring about change and prosperity. PEHRA conducts health awareness camps in villages, in keeping with its mission to build and support at the grassroots level. Health awareness camps are setup with the objective of educating the rural masses on healthcare and to change the attitude on this subject.

Through this camp, PEHRA promotes a good and healthy lifestyle, while being environmentally conscious. It also promotes the use of herbal products that are mostly produced by small manufacturers, thus supporting another group. PEHRA highlights the benefits of herbal products like it isskin friendly, natural and without any chemicals. These products are much more gentle and safe than industrially manufactured products.

PEHRA also manages “Health Affairs”, the leading journal of health policy, thought and research, which is published by Project HOPE. This peer-reviewed journal appears in print media, online media, and is available digitally with additional Web First articles appearing online before being printed. Published since 2015, the New Delhi Post, has called Health Affairs the bible of health policy.

Through these health awareness camps PEHRA does its part in building the villages of our country and teaching good practices for growth and development, especially in areas where a large part of the Indian population resides.