Government Project

The main government body looking after school education in India is the Department of School Education and Literacy. In 2011-12 the government had allocated Rs. 38,957 crores to education with Rs. 21000 crore for SarvaSikshaAbhiyan. However as recommended by the officially appointed Anil Bordia committee, this amount was very low, especially due to the free and compulsory education scheme. The government also may not have the networks to implement education schemes at ground-level.

As PEHRA’s main goal is to provide support in the field of education, especially at grassroots level, we, at PEHRA often help in bridging the gap between the providers and the receivers. PEHRA’s prime focus is on providing educational support to school going children as well as need based education for enhancing skills for Job readiness and employ-ability of youth.

PEHRA aims to fill the skill gaps and be a bridge between Industrial Demand and Skilled Youth. In order to achieve its overall vision, the organization often works with various Government Ministries, Statutory bodies and councils for execution of skill development and vocational training projects. These projects help the unemployed youth in enhancing their employable skills and creating a base for livelihood.

PEHRA also works with foreign agencies or Non-profit organizations for execution of educational projects at ground level. The organization joins hands with other NGO’s to complete projects related to education and training of children and youth.

We at PEHRA, believe in quality plans and execution models to ensure success of the program and hence borrow a plan or idea that has seen exceptional success. We also share our plans with other organizations that work to provide education and training programs for underprivileged societies.