Bal Gyan Kendra

PEHRA India that stands for Parikalpana Education and Health Research Associate was created by the PEHRA Trust. PEHRA Trust is a non-profit organization that believes in providing good education to children, especially those from poor economic backgrounds, without discrimination in the form of caste, religion or race. The trust also conducts studies and research on education, like its prevalence, distribution or reasons, in order to promote it in rural and semi-urban areas in India.

It aims to provide educational support to children who may not be equipped with adequate support systems needed to complete school. Children from cities and affluent households are often assisted by their parents who are themselves educated, or attend tuitions that are expensive. Children from villages do not have access to this and hence, PEHRA steps in.

Under the scheme of a Bal Gyan Kendra, by PEHRA, students studying in standards I to VII are covered. A Bal Gyan Kendra is established in every village, within 3-5 kms. The mission of this scheme is to provide tuition to school going children, who do not have support at home, usually because the parents are not equipped to teach.

A Bal Gyan Kendra provides the TTP (Tuition Training Platform), a running program under PEHRAthat provides education through complete planning and guidance. The tuition is provided by a Primary Tuition Teacher (PTT) who is trained and certified by PEHRA, to teach the students for 2 hours daily. He works to understand the students developmental and emotional needs, and then design a teaching methodology that best supports their aspirations.

PEHRA also provides the attending students with books and uniforms, as and when required, through Bal GyanKendras. All facilities mentioned here are provided for a minimal monthly charge of Rs. 45 per month for each student.

Through the Bal GyanKendras, PEHRA hopes to achieve its vision to provide a particular level of education to students, particularly those who show interest in learning, but may not have the necessary opportunities.